Household pests

About No 1 Pest Control

No 1 Pest Control is a leading pest control service operating across Kent. We are a friendly, family run business who help to reduce the impact and devastation that pests can cause to homes and businesses. Pests can be extremely costly, ruining the reputation of businesses as well as compromising the health of individuals through contamination. This is why we have a 24-hour service for pest control and will often be with our clients on the very same day to minimise the cost and devastation that pests can bring.

Our service is entirely customer focused. We work around the clock to ensure your peace of mind and to deal with the problem before the pest makes matters worse. No 1 Pest Control is also incredibly discreet. We know our customers do not want to draw attention to the fact they have a potential infestation of pests. This is why our pest controllers operate in plain, unbranded vans, with discreet uniforms so that your customers and neighbours are none the wiser.



What No 1 Pest Control Offer

•  A discreet service with unbranded vans
•  24-hour service - call us as soon as you spot a pest problem
•  A dedicated service using the safest and humane processes for pest eradication
•  A wealth of experience, friendly advice and superb service
•  Fully qualified and accredited pest controllers
•  Fast response with many calls being attended on the very same day
•  A professional, cost-effective service to banish pests for good.

We handle a range of pest control problems from silverfish, fleas and bedbugs to large pests such as foxes, birds and wasps. If you spot droppings, notice chewed wires, feel itchy or detect a pest in the home, then get in touch with the No 1 Pest Control team as soon as possible so that we can deliver our fast-acting service.

Remember, some pests can be dangerous or are a protected species, so it is essential to call in the experts as soon as you spot a pest rather than dealing with it yourself. We have all of the most effective tools and abide by the latest legislation to remove pests as safely and humanely as possible, with minimum disruption to your home.